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   Larry and Linda McWhirter moved to the Methow Valley in 2002, settling in the Edelweiss Community near Mazama.  Although they have always been interested in many different artistic endeavors, their teaching and coaching careers, along with 3 very active children, have kept them from actively exploring their interest. Retiring to this beautiful valley has allowed them the time and inspiration to develop these unusual mosaics. They have incorporated rock and stone native to the Methow valley, slate, and old barn siding, cedar and rusted metal roofing material in their pieces.
   Their mosaics can be used as stunning indoor decor, or as outdoor art, in a sheltered porch or garden area.  They have created much of their work to be functional as well as beautiful, and are busy designing coat and hat racks, ski racks, mirrors, and key holders.  They also do custom work, including the replication of business logos.  Each piece is one of a kind, and can only be re-created in style and theme, since the artist are at the mercy of the natural materials that they find.
   You can see their work displayed at the Winthrop Gallery, the Confluence Gallery, and other local venues periodically. 
   If you are interested in purchasing or commissioning any of this mosaic art, please email or call Larry and Linda at 509-996-3950, or

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